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During the winter months, Seaward sails south to Southern California or Mexico and offers week-long trips, full of learning experiences and adventure. These sails are for adults and offer a chance to immerse oneself in sailing a voyage, shipboard life, and being part of a crew, while experiencing the incredible marine environment. Young adults accompanied by a parent/guardian are welcome.

Winter 2018-Southern California


Sail the Channel Islands on the schooner Seaward. Step aboard our classic sailing vessel for five days of sailing, adventure, spectacular views, delicious food, wildlife sightings, and stunning natural beauty. Choose to sit back and relax, or immerse yourself in operating the boat, learning the ropes, and soaking in all that the extraordinary marine environment has to offer. Full-boat charter and individually ticketed trips are available.

2018 Schedule:

Voyage #1: San Francisco to San Pedro
Individual Tickets for Sale
*This is a coast-wise sailing voyage. The transit will include overnight sailing and watch standing. Depending on weather, there may be time for a night on Catalina Island, but a visit to the Channel Islands is not guaranteed.

Voyage #2: San Pedro, LA- San Pedro, LA
Full-Boat Charter

LA Youth Educational Sailing

Voyage #3: San Pedro, LA- San Pedro, LA
Full-Boat Charter

Voyage #4: San Pedro, LA- San Pedro, LA
Full-Boat Charter

Voyage #5: San Pedro, LA- San Pedro, LA
Full-Boat Charter

Voyage #6: Transit from San Pedro, LA to Sausalito, San Francisco Bay
*Requesting a $500 donation/guest
*This is a coast-wise sailing voyage. The transit will include overnight sailing and watch standing. This trip is for those interested in obtaining watch-standing experience. Some sailing experience is preferred.

For Individually Ticketed Trips: $900/guest
For Full-Boat Charter: $9,000, up to 10 guests

About the trip:

Each voyage is five days and four nights long, departing from and returning to Ports of Call, in San Pedro, Los Angeles. The trip’s itinerary will vary according to wind and weather, but will include sailing to Catalina Island and Channel Islands National Park. Nights will primarily be spent at anchor, just off-shore of the islands, or at a mooring. An overnight sail is possible, depending on cruise track and interest. The daily schedule will change, depending on conditions, and will generally include half of a day of sailing and some time on shore exploring the islands, beaches, and tidepools. An evening on Catalina Island could include a dinner and stroll in Avalon, and maybe even a glimpse of the wild bison.


Schooner Seaward is a boat well-suited for salty sailors and beginners alike. Experienced mariners will have the opportunity to sail in a dynamic and exciting place. Seaward is seaworthy and fun to sail, and her fore-and-aft rig makes for robust windward-sailing. She is, however, a simple, classic sailing vessel that provides a friendly and forgiving opportunity for beginners to learn sailing basics. Set and strike sail, tend sheets, reef the main, tack and gybe, or take the helm for a while–there are plenty of ways to hone your sailing skills and strengthen your sea legs.

The Channel Islands offer opportunities for hiking,exploring, tide pooling and beach strolling in exceptionally beautiful and unique ecosystems. “The park bridges two biogeographical provinces and in a remarkably small place, harbors the biologic diversity of nearly 2,500 miles of the North American coast. The Channel Islands are home to over 2,000 plant and animal species, of which 145 are found nowhere else in the world.” For those who don’t mind a chilly swim or donning a wet suit, fantastic snorkeling and diving is possible. Learn about the rich history of the Channel Islands, the abundance and diversity of the local flora and fauna, enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Take the stand-up paddle board for an early morning paddle, or use the small boat to explore coves and bird-watch.

What’s included:

The cost of your ticket includes a berth with a mattress, sheets, pillow/case, and blanket. All meals are provided and prepared by a professional cook. We can accommodate most dietary restrictions. Beer and wine is provided (1-2 drinks per person, per night) to passengers 21 years and older. A professional crew of licensed and experienced mariners will safely operate the vessel. At Call of the Sea, our crew are educators and sailors, and are happy to teach. A Naturalist onboard will guide excursions and offer informal education about the immediate environment. A Captain, Mate, Naturalist and Cook will guide your experience.


In general, maritime-Southern California has a Mediterranean climate year-round. Temperatures are relatively stable, with highs averaging in the mid-60s (°F) and lows in the low-50s. Although located in “sunny” So Cal, this trip will likely not be sun-bathing hot, and weather may change dramatically. Please be prepared to adjust expectations.

Ocean and weather conditions can vary considerably from day-to-day and island-to-island. Although this can be difficult to plan around, this unique climate is, in part, what makes the Channel Islands such a unique and remarkable place.

Winds are often calm in the early morning and increase during the afternoon. High winds may occur regardless of the forecast, especially on the outer islands, Santa Rosa and San Miguel. Ocean water temperatures range from the lower 50s (°F) in the winter to the upper 60s in the fall.

This information is from the National Park Service website, and more information can be found here www.nps.gov/chis.