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For Teachers

Call of the Sea’s on-the-water programs connect classroom material with real-life lessons.

We strive to support and bolster all of the great teaching you are doing in school. Our inquiry-based, hands-on approach to learning creates effective and lasting educational experiences. Seawards professional crew of mariners and educators shape the educational experience, while the dynamic and multi-faceted environment does much of the teaching.

Our curriculum is designed for 4th and 5th graders and is best suited for 4-8th grades, but can be adapted for grades 3-12. Our lessons incorporate NGSS and STEM education.

About Our Curriculum

[lightframe items=”12263″]View availability and book online[/lightframe], or email us at info@callofthesea.org, or call our office Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00pm.
Booking your sail with us is easy! Once you pick a date, we send you a simple one-page contract and some logistical information. All required forms and accompanying paperwork can be found as PDFs below. A 20% deposit secures your reservation, and the balance isn’t due until two weeks before your sail.

We know arranging a field trip can be a tedious process, let us know if you need support. If you’re part of SFUSD, check out their Science Department’s Field Trip page.

Please view our activity workbook, a teaching resource for teachers and educators. It is intended to introduce sailing concepts and terminology before your students’ sail in order to enhance their learning experience. The activity workbook can be revisited after the sail as well, to solidify content learned. Using the workbook is not required, and we do not assume you used it prior to your sail.

Suggestions or comments about the workbook? We’d love to hear feedback from you!

We understand that the cost of field trips can be a barrier. At Call of the Sea, we aim to provide access to our programs to all youth. If you are in need of a scholarship to make a sail possible, please fill out our Educational Sail Scholarship Application. Scholarship is awarded as available and as needed.

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