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SYC Member Challenge:

  • Help the Sausailto Yacht Club become the top sponsor for the Matthew Turner gala celebration on Saturday,  June 9th at the Bay Model Visitor Center.
  • Earn personal name recognition.
  • Help the Sausalito Yacht Club raise $10K to earn a permanent plaque on the Brigantine Matthew Turner for reaching the goal!

Benefits for the Local Community:

  • Triple Call of the Sea’s educational field trip programs under sail to serve 15,000+ youth annually and create future stewards of our ocean and planet.

  • Provide the San Francisco Bay Area with its own Tall Ship to represent the region’s maritime history.

  • Create a new “green” ship with regenerative hybrid propulsion system that recharges its batteries under sail and is built with local FSC (Forrest Stewardship Certified) wood.

Contributing Members:

Alan Alson & Angie lackey

Rene Linde & Nick Sands

Jeanne Walker Harvey

Ozro West

Benfer Kaltreider

Stephen & Lauren Gertz

Matthew Grigorieff & Jessica Adams

Marcy Taylor Pattinson

Kay Mitzel

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Call of the Sea
SYC Yacht Club Challenge
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