Call of the Sea is strengthened by many existing partnerships.

Bay Model Visitor Center, US Army Corps of Engineers

Call of the Sea’s vessels are docked at the US Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model Pier in Sausalito. The Corps’ Bay Model, adjacent to the pier, is a hydraulic scale model of San Francisco Bay, now used as an educational display for the public. This invaluable teaching tool accompanies Call of the Sea’s educational program. We encourage schools, families and visiting sailors to take a stroll through their informative exhibits and visitor center.


For the Love of Water and Wildlife, or FLOW, is a San Francisco Bay Area alliance for water, wildlife, connection and caring. This collaboration between the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Bay Model, Bay Ecotarium, SeaTrek, Sausalito Community Boating Center, and Call of the Sea aims to provide our community with an opportunity to build knowledge, love and compassion for our local environment by forming an experience hub. Located at the Bay Model, together we connect our own independently successful programs via multi-touch packages, events and camp experiences. We are all committed to delivering programs that enhance and inspire people’s lives in and around the Bay through providing on-water, on-land and online nature education and recreation experiences.

Bringing teams together to learn about the SF Bay ecosystem provides natural opportunities to form stronger human connections and encourages stewardship and community.  The FLOW experience is inclusive, informative and inspirational.  Thanks to the partner organizations for adding enriching and engaging experiences to our programs.

Charlie White, Founder and President, Move Mountains

Thank you to our Partners