If you are planning to sail with Call of the Sea on either brigantine Matthew Turner or schooner Seaward, please review our updated COVID-19 protocol below:

Responding to the recent surge in the COVID-19 Delta variant, heeding the advice of public health professionals, and adhering to our longstanding policy and practice of placing the health and safety of our passengers and crew as our highest priority,

1) effective on August 1, we have reinstituted the requirement that masks be worn on our ships and in areas where staff, crew and volunteers congregate; and

2) effective on September 1, we will require all passengers 12 and older to provide proof of vaccination to board the ship.

Please understand that our response to the pandemic has consistently been cautious. We have taken proactive and extra-protective steps to reduce the COVID-19 risk for anyone we serve and to prevent the disease from shutting down our educational mission.

Our approach during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven successful so far. We were the only educational tall ship sailing on the Pacific coast in 2020 and have continued to sail in 2021, albeit at reduced capacity. No COVID-19 cases!

We appreciate the cooperation of our patrons and adherence to protocols that evolve as conditions change.

Call of the Sea is committed to continuing to Sail, Learn and Explore in a safe and sustainable way during this pandemic. We look forward to sailing with you soon!