Call of the Sea is committed to iterative improvement. The Education Advisory Board responds to the needs of our times, collaborates with the community, and co-creates on-the-water field experiences and curricula.

Double Rainbow

Capt. Kurt Holland

Kurt’s teaching experience includes M/S, H/S, and college classrooms. Most notably,
community based science at SMASH (Santa Monica Alternative School House),
professional learning experiences for teachers, and leadership training for the United
States Coast Guard and Navy. However, his deepest interests and greatest skill set is
weaving outdoor environmental and ocean learning into formal 3D NGSS instructional
sequences. Whether on the deck of a schooner reaching for the trades, hiking through
the coastal rain forests of Alaska, or in formal classrooms, Kurt finds his greatest joy in
helping learners make sense of the world by doing science, not talking about science.
He is a certified wilderness first aid responder, glacier guide, licensed maritime officer,
and US SAILING Instructor Trainer.

Before becoming a full time educator, Kurt worked as a geospatial scientist applying
GIS systems to vessel routing, modeling of near shore ocean circulation patterns, and
responding to oil spills through-out the western United States. The highlight of this time
was four consecutive years in Alaska on the Exxon Valdez spill, it was this experience
that turned him towards becoming a science and environmental communicator. He
began his sea-going career with the US Navy where he performed search and rescue,
meteorological observations, interpretation of high seas weather, and forecasting.
Currently, he spends most of his time connecting scientists to teachers, leading ocean
education events for teachers, or writing on environmental literacy topics.
The most important parts of Kurt’s life are his relationship with his wife, Erin, advancing
the careers of young colleagues, and collaborating with partners to protect/enhance
access to outdoor environmental learning in California.

Alice Cochran

Alice Collier Cochran is an experienced consultant to nonprofits on shared
governance, collaborative planning and board meeting effectiveness. She has
provided leadership training and facilitation to organizations since the mid 1980’s.
She was the founder and manager of Work Improvement Network (WIN), a team-
based approach to quality improvement at a national bank.
Between working in colleges and corporations, she was the Education Director
aboard the brig Unicorn, a youth sail training vessel. Alice was the former
president of the Golden Gate Tall Ships Society, based in Sausalito. She was
also a board member of the American Sail Training Association, now known as
Tall Ships America, and the San Francisco chapter of American Society for
Training and Development.

She recently retired as the Director of Leadership Development in the Institute for
Leadership Studies, School of Business and Leadership, at Dominican
University. She is currently an adjunct faculty member serving on the Faculty
Forum planning team and the union’s Labor Management Committee.
Alice is the author of Roberta’s Rules of Order by Wiley and a companion Quick
Start Guide for small groups to implement effective meeting and decision-making
methods. She enjoys using sailing analogies in her writing and workshops to
explain otherwise “dry concepts’.

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