Alan Olson Scholarship & Sustainability Fund

“Alan Olson’s vision has inspired many (myself included) to become involved with Call of the Sea. As most of you know, Alan has given his time, six days a week for nearly seven years, serving as the project director for construction of Matthew Turner. And well before the educational tall ship project, in 1984, Alan Co-founded Call of the Sea and has served on its board of directors continuously since then. He has never ask for or taken any compensation.
There is one form “compensation,” however, that we believe he would be honored to accept -not for himself, but for others: creation of a scholarship fund in his name to support schools in financial need and sustain the ship.”

Steven Woodside, J.D. –Executive Director

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Call of the Sea Gift Processing
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Alan Olson Looking Left

Alan Olson donated over 30 years of service to on-the-water youth education

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Alan and Angie During Master Mariners 2017

Alan Olson and wife Angie Lackey

Alan with his wife and daughter