Seaward sails to Baja California in Winter

It’s never too early to start planning for 2020. If you are interested in booking for 2020, you can charter the boat for you and nine friends and family, or book a single ticket.

Email us at or call us at 415-331-3214 to reserve your spot for an adventure of a lifetime.

See below for our 2019 schedule:

Dates                                         Departing                                           Arriving

Dec 31st-Jan 4th(4 days)        Sausalito Bay Model Pier             San Pedro, CA

Jan 4th-Jan 17th(14 days)      San Pedro, CA                                San Jose del Cabo

Jan 21st-Jan 25th(5 days)       San Jose del Cabo                         La Paz

Jan 28th-Feb 1st(5 days)         La Paz                                              La Paz

Feb 4th-Feb 8th(5 days)          La Paz                                              La Paz

Feb 10th-Feb 15th(6 days)      La Paz                                              San Jose del Cabo

Feb 18th-Feb 23rd(6 days)     San Jose del Cabo                        Puerto Vallarta

Feb 27th-Mar 5th(7 days)       Puerto Vallarta                               Puerto Vallarta

Mar 8th-Mar 10th(3 days)      Puerto Vallarta                               Puerto Vallarta

Mar 15th-Mar 31st(14 days)    Puerto Vallarta                              Sausalito