Call of the Sea provides field experiences in a distinct, phenomena-rich setting.

Watch a 50-second video for a glimpse of on-the-water field experiences.


Elementary, middle, and high school students have 3-hour field experiences in the phenomena-rich setting of SF Bay


Students ages 12-18 learn marine science and sailing in 5-day summer voyages along the California coast


Co-create and provide customized educational programs for nonprofits, schools, and youth groups

At Call of the Sea, students connect with their coast. The importance of ocean environmental literacy, ecology, maritime history, and teamwork are discovered through experiential learning aboard the classic schooner Seaward.

Our crew of professional educators and mariners create space for students to observe, inquire, and discover their waterfront in an unforgettable experience.

We strive to make these programs available to students of all backgrounds, and provide scholarships to families and schools with financial need. Scholarships would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and sponsors.

Learning Objectives

Engage with exciting natural phenomena like seals, birds, and maybe even whales.

Explore our local estuary make connections between the water cycle and the natural systems of San Francisco Bay, the coast, and the ocean.

Explain observations and ask questions at the intersection of human and natural systems through hands-on inquiry.

After Your Sail

Make claims based on evidence from on-the-water experiences about what actions to take as environmental stewards.

Be inspired to extend these claims into actions.