Full and Partial Scholarships

We strive to make these programs accessible to students of all backgrounds, and provide scholarships to families and schools with financial need. Please complete this scholarship application for a Bay Exploration on Seaward and email info@callofthesea.org to see if you qualify.

Scholarships would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and sponsors. If you do not qualify for a scholarship, we can offer support for your school or program to fundraise for your on-the-water educational experience.

Teachers Sail

Call of the Sea is committed to empowering teachers with ocean environmental literacy.

If you’re the lead teacher on a field trip that’s already been scheduled, you can sail on a Community Sail for free. It’s a perfect opportunity to experience a sail on our vessel, meet our Head Educator, and learn more about what to expect. Please email info@callofthesea.org to be added to the captain’s manifest.

We’re committed to district-wide impact across the Bay Area. We invite you to organize an Educator Sail for your school district. If your sail has at least 20 teachers from Title I Schools, it’s on us. Email info@callofthesea.org to check for dates.