We’re excited to welcome your youth aboard Seaward for our overnight sailing program. Below are details and reminders to help you prepare for your youth’s upcoming trip on San Francisco Bay.

Please be sure that all paperwork is complete and submitted to our office prior to arrival:

(1) General Form on dietary restrictions and special requests This form is required if Call of the Sea is providing snacks and meals. Please complete this form as soon as possible to help the crew provision and prepare. If you have any questions, please email info@callofthesea.org.

(2) Adult Medical, Health, and Waiver Form and/or Youth Medical, Health, and Waiver Form 

Medical Form for Participants under 18 years of age  

Medical Form for Adult Participants

Se puede encontrar los formularios en español aquí

List any dietary restrictions, severe allergies, or medical conditions and to review terms and conditions to participate in Call of the Sea’s programs. The completed and signed form can be scanned and emailed to info@callofthesea.org or mailed to 3020 Bridgeway #278, Sausalito, CA 94965. This form is required to participate in Call of the Sea Programs. Please submit the form no later than four weeks before your scheduled voyage. 

(3) Liability Waiver

Liability Waiver for Participants under 18 years of age

Adult Liability Waiver

We require all participants to complete this form to show you have read our terms and conditions for participating in our program. Please submit the form no later than four weeks before your scheduled voyage. 

(4) Photo Release Form

Photo Release Form for Participants under 18 years of age

Photo Release Form for Adult Participants

We require all participants to complete this form to show you have read our terms for photos. Please complete this form to specify whether or not you are willing to have your photo taken for Call of the Sea’s social media and marketing. Please submit the form no later than four weeks before your scheduled voyage.

Next, please refer to the accompanying suggested packing list. Most importantly, please note that it can get very cold on the water. Bring layers!

  • Similar to food and water, space too is a limited resource on a sailing vessel. Everything you bring will live with you in your bunk.
  • Pack in crushable luggage (duffel bags, etc.) NOT a hard-sided suitcase.
  • Sleeping bag. You will be provided with a mattress, sheets, pillow and pillow case.
  • If you wear prescription glasses, bring a second pair if you have them. If you wear contact lenses, bring your glasses as well.
  • Medications, prescription or over-the-counter, must be packed in a Ziploc bag with clear instructions on when they must be dispensed. This includes vitamins and supplements. If the medication is “as needed”, please include that in the instructions. Medications will be collected and distributed by a supervising adult. (Please note that the ship is equipped with a med kit with standard over-the-counter medications, so you do not need to send those with your student.)
  • Electronic equipment is not allowed to be used onboard (cell phones, ipods, etc). This is for the safety of the vessel, the success of the program, and the safety of your gadgets. If you choose to bring electronics they will be collected at the beginning of the trip, stored in a safe place, and returned at the end. If you wish to take pictures, please bring a separate camera, i.e. the camera on your phone will not be accessible. There will also be a designated crew member taking pictures during the duration of the trip and we will be happy to share trip photos with you at the end of the voyage.
  • Rain Jacket and Pants: Even though rain may be unlikely, sea spray is common
  • Towel: Light and quick drying; for swim calls
  • Sunblock/chapstick SPF 15 or greater for both
  • Ski Cap or Similar A warm “winter hat”. It gets very chilly at sea.
  • Toiletry Kit: Toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. No hair dryers or electronic equipment.
  • Water Bottle: Something rigid and reusable. A clip can help keep it secure on deck while underway.
  • Sun Hat: Broad brimmed is best for sun protection, and ball caps can blow away
  • Clothes: Underwear, 1 pair for each day of your voyage Socks, 1 pair for each day of your voyage (plus a few extra just in case) Close-toed shoes – non-skid/rubber soled 2 pairs –Boat or tennis shoes, flip flops not allowed Shorts 1-2 pair – quick drying T-shirts, 1 shirt for each day of your voyage. The clothes you bring should be comfortable and easy to move in. The key to clothing on the ship is layering. Clothes that can be worn over or under other layers will serve you well. Temperatures can change dramatically, especially as you go from below to above decks. As Seaward is a working ship, clothes may be torn or stained, so do not bring anything you would hate to lose. Please note you will change your clothes much less frequently than you do on land. Clothes that dry quickly are best. Generally, synthetic fibers like fleece and various polyesters and nylons do a better job of this than heavy cotton. Avoid denim, thick towels, and heavy cotton sweatshirts. Once wet, they will not dry.
  • Sleeping pajamas: One pair of comfy shorts or warm pants and a top Pants 1-2 pairs – avoid denim because it never dries. Lightweight canvas or synthetic blends. Sweater/ Fleece 1 Wool or Polar Fleece for chilly nights– cotton not recommended Long Sleeve shirts A few, it can be cold, especially while sailing at night Swim Suit 1 set
  • Optional Items: Writing material, reading material, camera, musical instruments, ziploc bags (waterproof packaging), baby wipes (don’t count on showers), sunglasses, small flashlight, warm gloves, rain boots.
  • The ship is docked at the Bay Model Pier, located at 2100 Bridgeway in Sausalito, California, unless otherwise specified. Please arrive 15 minutes before start time on the first day of your program. We generally start and end at noon–please confirm with your program organizer if they have a custom start/end time. Our staff will meet you outside of the Bay Model Visitor Center to check you in.
  • There is plenty of parking on-site and a restroom on shore.
  • Please have your youth participant eat breakfast on the first day, as their first meal on-board will be lunch (if the start time is noon).
  • Please pick up your youth at pick-up time on the final day of the trip. We typically end our program at noon–please check with your lead organizer if they have a custom start/end time. There will be an opportunity for parents and families to come aboard Seaward at this time.
  • Participants will eat breakfast on their last day and have snacks available. Lunch will not be provided on the last day (unless it is requested as part of a custom program).

Our vessel is certified by the United States Coast Guard, inspected regularly, and complies with USCG regulations and requirements. Sailing at sea has inherent risk, so our crew works hard to ensure that the vessel is maintained and operated in the safest way possible.   View the Safety at sea document  for detailed information about Call of the Sea’s Safety Protocol.

Our crew of professional mariners and educators are experienced in youth sailing education and will safely guide your youth through an educational and fun adventure at sea. As required by the US Coast Guard, our Captain and Mate are licensed mariners with valid credentials. Additionally, all crew are required to be enrolled in a random drug-test program and are compliant. All crew and staff that work with youth have been background checked. All crew are above the age of 21 and have, at least, Bachelor’s degrees.

Read more about our current crew

Our office staff will be in communication with the ship on a daily basis. If an accident or injury happens at sea that requires the use of emergency equipment, the need for emergency medical services, or if your child needs to be removed from the vessel, we will contact the emergency contact person listed in the medical form as soon as possible.

If you need to reach your youth during their program, you can contact Call of the Sea staff to relay the message:

Emergency Contact #1–Operations Manager Sylvia Stompe: 415-384-1061

Emergency Contact #2–Executive Director Steven Woodside: 707-529-7775

Upon arrival, you must check in any over-the-counter and/or current prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements with Call of the Sea staff. Please follow the instructions in the medical form for packaging and labeling medications needed during the trip.

During Youth Voyages, we have an “unplugged” policy, which means no electronics, including cell phones, ipods, laptops, tablets, etc. We believe that our trip is an opportunity for youth to fully engage with their peers, the crew, the boat and the natural environment using the senses, without the screen. We encourage youth to explore a world away from home and without the distractions of the internet and social media. If your youth arrives with a cell phone or similar device, we will collect it, safely store it during the voyage, and return it at the end. We will require that the phone be turned in, no exceptions. Youth may bring a separate camera and/or video recording device and will be permitted to use it as the Captain deems safe and appropriate.

Information for the Youth Participant

(please read this with your youth participant)

We are excited for you to step aboard our incredible 82 foot schooner, named Seaward. She will be your home and your teacher for five days at sea. The ship is equipped with a bunk for each sailor, a galley (this is what we call the kitchen) and a head (this is what we call the bathroom). Boys and girls will sleep separately, with the crew nearby. The program will consist of five days of sailing, and all campers should have the physical stamina to maintain attention and carry out tasks, such as lifting, pulling, and climbing as directed by the Captain and crew. No sailing experience prior to the trip is necessary, but participants must be willing to endure or overcome seasickness if it occurs. We DO expect you to have a positive attitude, as this can be more valuable at sea than strength and knowledge. You may find parts to be challenging, but you will soon find that you have 16 new friends who are sharing the experience with you. You will learn to help each other, and will find that what was once challenging is soon after incredibly rewarding, and fun!

During this voyage, you will find a life-long excitement about our coasts and ocean by:

  • Exploring the marine environment.

  • Gaining appreciation for and knowledge of marine science.

  • Learning the importance of being good stewards of the ocean.

  • Helping you develop friendships and new physical skills.

We want your trip to be fun and safe so we need you to help us by following these rules:

  • Be polite and respectful to the other participants and the crew.

  • Work cooperatively with others.

  • Respect the rules that are set at each of the sites we visit.

  • Listen and follow directions carefully, especially while sailing or swimming.

  • Always observe the buddy system and always stay close to your group (if on shore or swimming).

  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol.

The crew of the Seaward will discuss guidelines and expectations with you at the beginning of the trip. If you act in an inappropriate manner, your parent/guardian will be contacted, and in extreme circumstances, Call of the Sea reserves the right to expel you from the trip without any refund of tuition.

Get ready for a sailing adventure! We know that we will have an incredible journey together, thanks for helping us keep things safe and fun. We’re excited to sail with you on an exciting voyage of a lifetime!