A Foundation distributing financial grants to improve education

“Matthew Turner is a view of hope,” says Chairman of the LCG Foundation; Elana Leoni.

As we ring in 2023 Call of the Sea is making an effort to expand its partnerships with donors and foundations with good causes. Call of the Sea would like to highlight and thank the LCG Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Sausalito. The LCG Foundation was established in 2021 by the Leoni Consulting Group, a mission-driven marketing agency aimed to improve education.

Growing up as a first-generation college student and being a child of an incarcerated parent, education was always a driving passion of Elana’s. The LCG Foundation empowers educators to purchase what they need when they need it most by providing unrestricted grants directly to U.S. Pre-K-12 educators.

The LCG Foundation generously contributed $5,000 in 2022 to Call of the Sea’s educational programs. We look forward to a bright future partnering with the LCG Foundation!