Your donation to the Vessel Sustainability Fund will help keep Matthew Turner and Seaward in safe operating condition, well maintained and ready for educational programs on the Bay and ocean for years to come.

Call of the Sea is a 501(c)(3), EIN 94-2951488.

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Call of the Sea’s Sustainability Fund is inspired by Alan Olson, the founder and visionary behind the building of tall ship Matthew Turner.  Alan has donated over 35 years of service to on-the-water youth education and continues to do so today.

“Alan Olson’s vision has inspired many (myself included) to become involved with Call of the Sea. As most of you know, Alan has given his time, six days a week for nearly seven years, serving as the project director for construction of Matthew Turner. And well before the Educational Tall Ship project, in 1984, Alan Co-founded Call of the Sea and has served on its board of directors continuously since then. He has never asked for or taken any compensation.”

Steven Woodside, J.D. -Call of the Sea Board Member