The Mission:
Our mission is to provide inclusive and equitable access to on the water science- based educational programs that foster the connection to watersheds, ocean environments & nautical heritage.

The Vision:
Our vision is to empower generations of students of all ages and backgrounds to become environmental stewards and transform their world through on-the-water field experiences.

Call of the Sea (COTS) was founded in 1985 by Alan Olson and a group of local sailors to provide Bay Area youth an opportunity to sail traditionally rigged vessels and to learn about the marine environment as well as maritime history — while inspiring them to be stewards of the sea and earth.
In 2004 COTS was re-founded with Ken Neal along with a new group of committed sailors who came together to purchase the schooner Seaward.    Subsequently over the past ten years, Seaward has served over 50,000 students and now sails with an average of 5,000+ students per year.    
January 2015 COTS merged with Educational Tall Ship Inc. (ETS), the organization constructing the 132′ wooden hybrid, propulsion system tall ship Matthew Turner in Sausalito.   Matthew Turner was launched in 2017, US Coast Guard certified in 2020 and now serves, along with Seaward,  as a floating classroom for students and the community, serving Northern California and beyond.