The Mission:
Our mission is to provide inclusive and equitable access to on the water science- based educational programs that foster the connection to watersheds, ocean environments & nautical heritage.

The Vision:
Our vision is to empower generations of students of all ages and backgrounds to become environmental stewards and transform their world through on-the-water field experiences.



We conduct our programs and operations ethically and with accountability to ensure safety and inspire trust.

Educational Impact

We deliver high-quality learning opportunities through curiosity-driven and evidence-based outdoor programs designed to inspire people’s stewardship of the world around them.

Transformative Experiences

Sailing on traditional vessels offers a unique, awe-inspiring, and life-changing experience for individuals of all ages.

Diversity & Belonging

We actively reach out to provide scholarships to those who otherwise lack the means to participate in our programs. We create an equitable, welcoming, and empowering learning and working community for all people.

Environmental Sustainability

Protection of our marine environment for future generations is a core element throughout our programs.