Dear Call of the Sea Supporters and Volunteers,

On this beautiful Sunday, we hope that you are enjoying the blessings of good health, and that you and your loved ones are staying safe.

This morning, we could have been witness to the blessing of the fleet that sails and cruises about the Bay. Brigantine Matthew Turner could have made its inaugural Opening Day sail, leading the flotilla across the San Francisco waterfront, followed closely by schooner Seaward. Watching former Coast Guard Cutter and Presidential yacht USS Potomac could have found us counting our blessings for the labor of women and men united at an earlier time of crisis on shipyards around the Bay. They worked tirelessly to build in record time a fleet of merchant vessels that would help defend our shores. We could have been able to imagine an even earlier time as gaff schooner Freda B and scow schooner Alma sail by, and barque Balclutha proudly graces Maritime Park.

Let’s tack away from what could have been, and count the blessings of this day. For Call of the Sea, there are two very positive things we can count:

First, the federal stimulus funds for which we had applied were deposited into our account. We will be using these funds to put us in a better position to resume our sailing and education programs as soon as group gatherings are allowed. Lesson plans are being upgraded to meet new California State school standards and to appeal to a wider range of age groups. Marketing, communications, and website improvements are underway.

Second, the long-anticipated Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection (COI) for Matthew Turner was signed and delivered to us electronically, and will be official pending USCG on-the-water performance tests. We promised to schedule a ceremony to celebrate the issuance of this all-important document. We hope you agree that an in-person ceremony is preferable to a “Zoom” virtual ceremony. Many of you will appreciate being together to celebrate the issuance of the COI, a symbol of your hard work and support.

For those of you who are enjoying the “doldrums” stories that first began to be posted a couple of weeks ago, here is a link to a few newly posted doldrums stories.

For all of us around the Bay, there is much to see and appreciate today. The artistry of the sky. The distinctive movements of each bird species. The colors of the sails and hulls scattered upon the Bay. The patterns made by the wind and tides upon the water.

“It is life, I think, to watch the water. A [wo]man can learn so many things.” – Nicholas Sparks

Stay safe,
Steven Woodside