Overall, progress is good, and it looks like we will make our goal for Matthew Turner to be operational in the spring. While the list of tasks to complete is long, crew enthusiasm is high, and volunteer involvement is growing with the excitement of finishing the ship.
The propulsion system: Our 650V AC propulsion batteries are in!  Technicians from BAE (British Aerospace Electronics) Systems worked last week on the high voltage connections. Completion and sea trials are now scheduled for the end of March. We are looking ahead and working on a regular basis with the U.S. Coast Guard to keep ahead of the inspection process and avoid delays. Our competent volunteer electrical and engineering team is in place to cover our part of completing the BAE hybrid system.
Electrical: The ship’s wiring has begun and will soon be ready for connections to lighting, systems, galley, navigation, etc., and is scheduled for completion in March.
Interior: Carpentry is about 60 percent done, with galley cabinets designed and ready to build by volunteer John Donovan at his cabinet shop. The installation of all interior carpentry also is scheduled for completion in March.
Rigging: With over 90 percent of the rigging complete, we are fine-tuning and tweaking to get Matthew Turner ready for sea trials.
Extras: Sails, dinghy, skylight covers, and bunk curtains are being stitched together by our amazing and fun volunteer team, the “Sew and Sews.”
Construction Management: Project management is tracked and updated weekly with “Smartsheet,” the program management program that volunteer Dave Anderson set up and trained us to administrate in order to better gauge progress toward our goals. Stability testing and haul-out are scheduled for late March or early April.
We have come a long way, thanks to you, our supporters, donors, volunteers, and staff.  We could not have built your ship without you!
Fair Winds,
Alan Olson
Project Director, Matthew Turner
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Bunks Under Construction

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