We partner with many cities, parks, museums, and other institutions to serve thousands of youth annually. Agency partnerships include collaborations with Federal, State, and local organizations.

Grant For Service

In the Bay Area region alone over 95% of children will never sail on the sea or experience an on-the-water experiential, environmental education class.  Call of the Sea provides essential environmental education programs in the Bay Area and along the California Coast. With your partnership, we can collectively provide life changing experiences for thousands of youth in their most formative years. Providing a grant for service is one of the most valuable contributions your agency can provide to make a lasting impact in your community.

Other Partnerships

To support the scope of our operations, agency partners can provide assistance in a number of ways including: providing docking space, host sailing events in your region, invitations to your museum or park, and linking up your local schools with our programming.

The Port of San Francisco generously supports Call of the Sea and San Francisco Unified School District schools by providing reduced rate docking for Call of the Sea’s educational field trips that start and end in San Francisco.