With the support of foundations we have changed the lives of over 5,000+ students a year since 2004. With the vessel Brigantine Matthew Turner, the number of served students has increased to 15,000 annually.

Ways to Help

  • Provide a Grant for Underserved Communities and Low Income Schools
  • Support our educational platforms, brigantine Matthew Turner and schooner Seaward
  • Donate In-Kind (ie., education services, expertise, materials, etc.)
  • Connect Call of the Sea with Other Like-minded Advocates

LCG Foundation

LCG Foundation (a supporter of Call of the Sea) is a private grant-making 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that specializes in distributing financial grants to improve education.  They partner with private donors that want to help teachers, educators, or improve the systems of education, offering grants to U.S. PK-12 educators in an easy and flexible way to support their practice & providing a PK-12 grant experience that prioritizes educator needs and demonstrates its impact.