After 2 long years when most schools have been unable to take field trips, the second week of May was the busiest youth sailing week Call of the Sea has ever had!

12 school groups and over 400 students over 4 days:

  • 9 Third Grade Students
  • 40 Fourth Grade Students
  • 100 Fifth Grade Students
  • 191 Sixth Grade Students
  • 38 Mixed Grade Students from a College Prep after school program
  • 33 High School Special Education Students

Thank you to New Village School, Alamo Elementary, Marin Horizons, Willowside Middle School, Balboa High School, Bridge the Gap College Prep, Sun Valley & Bolinas-Stinson Schools for sailing with Call of the Sea!

Thank you to all the teachers and parent drivers for making these field trips happen!

Thank you to the Oceanic Society’s Critters Scholars Fund for sponsoring a school (including transportation) and our scholarship donors for sponsoring another school!

Last but not least, Thank you to our hardworking crew/educators and volunteers for providing the activities and experiences to all the students!


*The first records of huzzah come from the late 1500s. It is thought to come from a word that sailors used to shout in celebration. It may derive from the word hoise, meaning “to hoist”—which they’d shout when hoisting (raising) something, like the sails of the ship.

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Photos are of a late April Educational sail, as the crew was too busy to take photos this week!