Our Summer sailing camps start in just 4 weeks, on June 13th!

We have exciting new activities planned for the younger campers, ages 8-11, with a focus on the marine life that we will interact with as we sail the Bay on schooner Seaward.

The older campers, ages 12-14 will focus on sailing, seamanship and nautical science, honing their mariner’s skills.

Lunch and snacks are included, as are the sailing safety gear and all arts & crafts materials.

Scholarships are available so that all who wish to attend are able to do so!

  • Squid dissection (kids love this!)
  • Building hydrophones & other craft projects
  • Marine science observations, learning about phytoplankton, zooplankton and copepods in a fun, hands on way.
  • They will enjoy daily sailing too!

Become an active explorer and marine biologist by deploying scientific instruments to study the local marine ecology. Work together to sail the Schooner Seward to different locations around San Francisco Bay to take water samples from both the surface and from the deep. Collect plant and animal plankton to later identify and count on shore. Compare water samples from around the bay and make your own map of the wildlife we see. Learn about amazing adaptations by dissecting a squid in our invertebrates lab. Put all your knowledge and experience together to plan and lead a special scientific mission on Friday!

  • Navigation
  • Sail Theory
  • Winds & Tidal Currents
  • Tall ship line handling and rig climbing too

Experience how the strong tides and currents interact with the wind to make San Francisco Bay one of the most famous and challenging places to sail in the world. Learn about sail theory and take turns operating the winches and tacking and jibing your way around the Bay. Learn about the engineering and language of mariners from parts of the ship to how to communicate and work as a team. Apply the skills you learn throughout the week to plan and lead  a special nautical science mission on Friday.

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