During this summer’s “Voyage Seaward” program, a 3- to 5-day overnight sail, youth experienced nature and built self-confidence through the adventure and challenge of learning to sail a tall ship. Students had the life-changing opportunity to live on the bay and to directly experience everything it has to offer – microclimates, wildlife, industry and historical significance.
The bay’s unique ecosystem drives students’ experiential learning into subjects such as oceanography, meteorology and marine science. They investigate local organisms, dabble in water chemistry and explore the ideas behind sailing theory. Participants develop their navigational sea legs by learning to find their vessel’s position through triangulation and dead reckoning (i.e., speed-time-distance). Youth groups involved in this summer’s program included the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Girl Scouts of the USA and the Camp SEA (Science, Education and Adventure) lab.
Thanks to generous donors, we were able to offer scholarships that enabled many youths to attend our camp. Many thanks to the family of Donald Davis and the George W. Davis Fund at Marin Community Foundation and to Connie Heldman and Hal Mooz, Maggie Moulton, William Goodell, the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club, Wayne Koide at the Richmond Yacht Club, Carrie Schwab Pomerantz, Rosemary Turner and Bill and Patty Burger. These voyages wouldn’t happen without you!
Generous “Voyage Seaward” funding provided by the family of:
Voyage Youth Group
A Voyage Seaward group of students, including a New York transplant, Call of the Sea alumni, two guitar-wielding friends, and students from Good Samaritan Family Resource Center and Boys & Girls Club of America.
Voyage Boys and Girls Club
Thanks to generous donors, a group from Boys and Girls Club of America, Mid-Peninsula sailed on a 3-day trip in San Francisco Bay.