Elias Lanzarini hails from the Southern Brazilian town of Balneario Camboriu in the state of Santa Catarina. He has a house by the beach there. He learned to sail at 19, on a Hobie Cat, and his involvement in the sailing world deepened when he joined the Abu Dhabi Volvo Ocean Racing team. He also fashioned his own sailboat from a dugout canoe, with hand sewn sails. In 2015 he came to the US to gain experience in woodworking, first in a class at Spauldings Wooden Boat Center, and then he found the Matthew Turner project one day when he got off his bus a stop too soon. Since then he has volunteered here full time. There are many aspects of woodworking and boat building that he has learned here at Matthew Turner: laminating the frames: bending on the planks: use of hand tools and large machines that he had never seen in Brazil: the communal aspect of the project, working with so many diverse and committed volunteers. This whole experience has inspired him to plan his own boat building project back home. Elias will be heading back to Brazil in February, then on to Bermuda to work for the America’s Cup, but hopes to return this summer to help with the final construction of Matthew Turner. Here at the shipyard, we too hope he returns, Bon Voyage Elias!
Patty Chien
Patty Chien is from Taipei, Taiwan. She had never been involved with sailing or boat building back home. Here in San Francisco, she has attended college, specializing in Graphic Arts. Her cousin who had volunteered here at Mathew Turner with her job, working at Salesforce, had urged Patty to also come volunteer. Since May of 2016, Patty has volunteered 2-3 days per week, and more if needed. She found that she loves the project and has enjoyed learning new skills such as sanding the hull, mixing and working with epoxy, and especially tarring the rigging, her favorite task.
Patty’s skills as a graphic artist have been valuable. She has created graphics for our wine labels,signs,presentations and also this image of Matthew Turner. Patty will have to leave when her visa is up. She says she would like to find another project like this somewhere, since she has enjoyed working on Matthew Turner so much. Evidently an adventuress, she is also considering a visit to Iceland in Fall 2017. We wish her happy and safe travels wherever she goes!