Progress is on track for launching April 1.
We are focusing on what absolutely needs to be done for launch, such as: prop shafts and props, steering gear, bow thruster, chain plates, thru hulls, bobstay fitting, catheads and of course painting the hull, bulwarks & cabins. All these projects are moving ahead on schedule. Crew morale is high and they are motivated to be ready for launch. Finishing the ship and going sailing this Fall is our priority. The longer we delay, the higher the building costs. Plus we are dedicated to carrying out our mission and generating revenue as soon as possible. Please help us raise the final $800,000 to complete Matthew Turner. The majority of the money that has been raised thus far has come from individual donations, large and small. Please consider how you can contribute.
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We are closer to fulfilling our vision of a ship that will sail into the future changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids and adults who have the opportunity to sail on Matthew Turner. We should all feel proud of the progress we have made and the legacy we are creating. Three and a half years ago we we laid her keel which was her conception. The launch is her berth. When she sets sail, her graduation to carry out her mission.
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Join us and be part of creating Matthew Turner.
Come visit the ship to see what we have accomplished and share in the enthusiasm and pride of Matthew Turner’s ship-builders.
Fair Winds, Alan Olson