Construction of Matthew Turner is proceeding in these 3 areas:  rigging, electrical & propulsion systems and joinery.   Let’s start with the rigging team: Dixon, Randall, Dan, Kiel, Bruce, Neil, Noah, Dennis and Alan

Rigging is now a big focus and excitement is high, literally, as we begin to work aloft setting top masts and preparing yards and booms to hoist in place. As you can see from the photo there are a lot of great folks involved: metal fabricators, carpenters and traditional skilled riggers, working aloft, splicing wire, installing fittings and weaving the six miles of running lines needed to operate the sailing machine Matthew Turner.

Besides rigging, we are moving ahead with interior joinery, plumbing, ship’s electric and hooking up the our state of the art hybrid propulsion system. There’s plenty to do to complete the ship and go sailing. Come on by, join the fun and help finish our ship or send money.