Call of the Sea believes that overnight programs can have the greatest impact on students, not only exposing them to the marine environment, but helping build self confidence when they disconnect from the media and land, learn new skills and and face new challenges by becoming part of the sailing crew.  In 2023 we served 3 cohorts of Camp Sea Lab youth on 5 day voyages in Monterey, a group of Sea Scouts on a 4 day nautical skills building program, college students on a week-long summer fellowship maritime adventure and a most impactful, a group of deaf high school students (profiled below).

Unfortunately, especially after such an inspiring summer of programs, Overnight voyages are currently suspended pending clarification of CA state labor law requirements pertaining to crew overtime. These requirements make multi-day voyages financially unsustainable. Call of the Sea is taking steps with the goal of resolving these issues in time for the 2024 sailing season.

Four Day/Three Night program for the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind

After months of planning and preparation, in July 2023 Call of the Sea welcomed 12 deaf  high school students plus 6 chaperones from the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind on board for a 4 day immersive seamanship program.   Call of the Sea educators met in advance with USDB teachers to discuss safety, communications and strategies for teaching non verbally.  The crew learned vital sign language terms for sailing maneuvers and basic communications.  The students were from different classrooms so they did not all know each other in advance, but bonded through the shared experience of overcoming trepidations about being on the water, climbing the rig and sharing life on a boat.  The school is hoping to make this an annual event for students who choose this adventure.

Crew were excited to learn a new language!

Students were able to help sail the ship during maneuvers.

Overnight programs create strong friendships!

Leo and Angel sign “Angel Island” in front of Angel Island.

Students also learned about marine biology and ecology.

Everyone gets a chance to take the helm.