Dominican University Public History Program

Dave Anderson, Call of the Sea’s Deputy Director worked remotely with Dr. Jordan Lieser of Dominican University and his Public History class during 6 months of the pandemic to develop a series of podcasts and videos to augment the history curriculum for our students.¬† ¬†Dominican University students worked in teams of 5-6 on curriculum development for grades 8 and 11, subjects to be explored while sailing on the Bay, augmented by video and audio content. These media assets focus on:

  • Maritime History
  • Immigration
  • Defending San Francisco Bay
  • Social Unrest and Protest

Call of the Sea students will learn about the Heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area. By visual observation and rich storytelling, they will understand how the immigration, defense and maritime landmarks observed from the decks of Matthew Turner & Seaward tell the story of the Bay Area, California and this area’s impact on the United States.

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