What is the Aloft Seamanship program?  

A four hour course in the art, & skill of sailing and navigating a ship, for all ages and genders.  Seamanship

builds teamwork and boosts self confidence by facing fears with the support of fellow crew members.

Special dates available for Girls and young women, ages 12-24 only

Students learn in an inclusive, healthy outdoor environment

  • To face challenges and overcome fears
  • Teamwork skills sailing as part of a crew
  • Hands on sailing and Seamanship competency

“…I had a fantastic time it was one of the best moments in my whole entire life I learned a lot of things that I didn’t really think I was able to do and everyone was so generous and patient and it was a very cool experience”

Subjects covered and practiced:

  • Steering the vessel – piloting the vessel
  • Raising, lowering and stowing sails
  • Line handling, use of winches, belaying pins and pulleys
  • Sail terminology, theory & stability
  • Currents and tides of the Bay
  • True and apparent wind explanation
  • and going Aloft!

All photos by Lyon Omohundro

Students have the chance to climb the rig if they choose
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Thank you SO MUCH for offering this event. My daughter…was absolutely euphoric when we picked her up! She jabbered nonstop on the way home about all the things she had done/learned (climbing 70 feet up the mast was a highlight) and she immediately asked if she could go again next Saturday.I would say the morning was a success!