As the insidious Coronavirus moves through the Bay Area, we have battened down our hatches. Matthew Turner is at the dock with only furloughed crew living on board. Seaward has left Baja and is sailing home as the wind allows–possibly along the historic Clipper route. Follow Seaward’s progress. All are healthy and safe. We hope you are as well. You can read up on their winter voyage here.

Will the Coronavirus wave continue to be steep and ferocious or, like the tides, become gradual and less destructive? Either way, we are cutting our monthly costs by 75% so that our ships and crew will be available to sail when group activities are allowed.

This week we received good news that the Marin Community Foundation agreed to our request for a six month hiatus in making payments on the refinancing loan they recently provided to us.

We are carefully studying the Stimulus Package to see if grant funds will be available to pay our crew.

Daily, we are seeing acts of kindness to help those who need it most: For example, several of our supporters have taken up a collection to help one of our volunteers who is homeless. Others have purchased restaurant gift cards to be used by furloughed crew.

If you are able, please support our local restaurants and businesses who have been so supportive of Call of the Sea over the years. A good listing of Sausalito businesses, their current hours and services can be found at the Chamber of Commerce website.

Hang in there. The waves and storms will pass. According to an ancient proverb, “You may complain that rain has stained your plans but you cannot restrain the rain; rain is water and water is life. None appreciates rainbow and sunshine better than he on whose parade it has rained.”

Yours in good health,
Steven Woodside
Executive Director
Call of the Sea