Our world is changing, and our mission at Call of the Sea is to empower youth to serve as environmental stewards.
How does Call of the Sea ensure that the educational programs we offer fulfill our mission?
We collaborate. In the past few months, we have met with multiple youth programs and state- and federal-level agencies. We strive to ensure that what we offer fills a niche in the ecosystem of outdoor educational opportunities and enhances what happens in the classroom.
We are grateful to Bay Area Discovery Museum, San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, Sonoma Water District, Contra Costa Water District, and Project Water Education for Teachers (WET) for hosting Call of the Sea. We are having conversations about creating an Environmental Literacy Collaborative, enhancing collaboration in support of California Senate Bill 720.
We innovate. We know from our feedback forms that different age groups ask different questions after going on a sail. We see exciting opportunities to cater our curriculum to each school grade level. We will be creating a new field trip guide for 2019 to share with parents, teachers, and students, and we will have a menu of options for educational experiences that support curiosity-driven learning, Common Core Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.
A key part of innovation is measurement and assessment. We strive to ensure that the curricular material we are creating has a lasting impact, and we can only know this if we track and measure our impact.
We co-create. Which stories and details inspire you from your experiences at sea? What do your students, children, and grandchildren ask you about science, sailing, and the ocean? We welcome input from our community to make our field trip guide and programs even better.
There are incredible programs all around the Bay Area, and Call of the Sea is committed to serving the grade levels and schools that are currently underserved. By co-creating our educational programs, we can ensure that our field trips and voyages fulfill the unmet needs of California teachers, parents, and students.
Share in the creation of an educational experience that lasts a lifetime. Email our director of education, Dax Ovid, Ph.D., at info@callofthesea.org to be part of Call of the Sea’s Curricular Commitment.
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