Call of the Sea provides field experiences in a distinct, phenomena-rich setting.  While our programs are limited during the Covid 19 pandemic, please visit these sites for online Marine Biology and Ocean Literacy learning resources.

Explore Cordell Bank

Cordell Bank, bathed in nutrient rich water, is one of the most productive places along the California Coast. It is a community of every color in the rainbow.

Lawrence Hall of Science Climate Change Effects

Students will create a flow chart about the causes and effects of climate change. Grades 6-12

Marine Activities, Resources & Education

Videos providing information on what life is like in the ocean; from arctic life, to phytoplankton, to estuaries. Grades 3-5.  Here is a teachers guide for the curriculum.

Kelp Forest Exploration

In this activity, students will explore and learn about kelp forests. This lesson takes place over the course of four days but can be condensed to fewer, as some days have longer lessons than others. Grades 3-5

Learn about Sea Dwellers

Students will learn about ‘Secrets of the ocean sea’ and then take a quiz for each subcategory to test their knowledge. Elementary and middle school.

Learn about Estuaries

Resources to teach estuarine science through hands-on learning, experiments and data explorations. These lessons, activities, animations and videos can be adapted for any grade level.

NOAA Educational Resources

Resources for teachers or parents to help integrate NOAA marine and earth sciences into formal and informal education.

Ocean Science At Home

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has gathered some curriculum and educational resources that may be useful to parents and students while sheltering in place.

Learn about Marine Life

Designed primarily for middle school educators and students, Ocean Adventures resources are appropriate for use in both formal and informal educational settings.

Libretes Marinos

Muchos libretes por niños. ¡Gracias a Mark Friedman de Los Angeles Maritime Institute!


Aquí están libros y información sobre la cultura oceanográfica.