Hundreds of young people from the Bay Area have joined Call of the Sea and been inspired, built dreams, and received an exceptional experiential education.

On this Giving Tuesday, December 1, your partnership is crucial to keeping Call of the Sea’s programs strong and vibrant. Your support will bring more young boys and girls to the sea for these vital, diverse programs, which will serve students now, and serve as models for the future.

You can play a critical role in teaching Bay Area youth to understand and respect the Bay environment and learn the lessons of the Sea.

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My daughter…was absolutely euphoric when we picked her up! She jabbered nonstop on the way home about all the things she had done/learned (climbing 70 feet up the mast was a highlight) and she immediately asked if she could go again next Saturday.I would say the morning was a success!     Susan S.

We need all hands on deck to hold fast and expand these exceptional programs to serve even more diverse populations, maintain our incredible crew and vessels and continue our dream of providing outstanding on-the-water education to thousands more people than ever before.

Please help keep our youth “at sea” by sending your special year-end gift today to cover the cost of these exceptional programs for one or more students.

After School Learning Hubs

Girls Aloft/Aloft Empowerment Programs

Full-Day Education Programs

With deepest gratitude, on behalf of the crew at Call of the Sea