November 2023 Team Building Sail with Wooden Boats For Vets

Call of the Sea intern joined the sail to observe this special program for the non profit Vets Boats

As a high school marketing intern setting out on this incredible sailing journey, I have a lot to learn about taking pictures and collecting information for social media. However, on this sail, it was a learning experience in an unexpected way. I’ve hardly interacted with the military community, as well as having limited adult experience outside my family before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Additionally, I was a little nervous. I was fortunate to observe firsthand the strong bonds that were formed amongst veterans with a range of combat experiences. Without Call of the Sea’s ties, this would not have been possible.

I was surrounded by people who had had distinguished military careers, and I was astounded at how well they got along. The veterans, each with a distinct tale to share, fostered an environment where fellowship across all military branches was fostered.

The sincere bonds that were developing between the veterans who had just met captured my interest. Their genuine exchanges, which ranged from moving discussions about their experiences serving in the military to laughs over small pleasures, reflected the togetherness among them.

What struck me most was their down-to-earth nature. Despite their impressive careers with degrees from universities like Stanford and USC, they approached each other with humility, fostering an environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing their stories. I even engaged in a conversation with a couple of men about college football, emphasizing that beyond their military backgrounds, they were individuals with common interests and shared humanity.

As the journey unfolded, I realized that the purpose of the sail was in the connections these veterans were forming. It was an honor to witness a narrative that celebrated not only their military service but also the genuine connections that blossomed during this unforgettable voyage. Even after the sail, they showed generosity by helping me jump start my car after it wasn’t working. It’s because of Call of the Sea that people of all ages and backgrounds can bond together in a team building environment, and come out of it with new connections.

About the author:  My name is Jack Rosenthal, and I’m a senior at Terra Linda High School. I take part in a project-based and environmentally forward leadership program called the Marin School of Environmental Leadership.