Our team has been busy completing Matthew Turner’s deck and spars. Thank you for your support in helping us launch the ship and reach the final stages of construction! I am particularly excited about rigging the ship for sail. Imagine the flurry of activity as sails are set and we head out on a voyage, furling a sail out on a yard, seeing the power of the sea below, and hearing the cry land ho! and the excitement it brings. Imagine the thousands of young people who will have a life changing experience they will not forget. This keeps me, and our community of volunteers and supporters, going to finish the job.

We plan to set the two lower masts on August 19, in the afternoon (around 3pm, exact timing is unknown) and afterwards we will have a party in the tent around 6pm. The top masts will be set by the annual Gala on October 14. As we move past the heavy shipbuilding stage and focus more on the rigging, operating systems, and interior carpentry, we anticipate it will take until spring to ready the ship for sailing and final Coast Guard certification. New teams have formed to take on each of these areas. Enthusiasm is high to get the job done!

We moved our construction office to 60C Liberty Ship Way, just south of the Bay Model, where we are in the process of setting up our 1600 square foot shop below the new office. The ship yard tent will be up and busy until after the Sausalito Art Festival.
Thank you all for your help with the progress we have made. Please give us a hand any way you can as we push to raise the $700K needed to complete the ship and go sailing.Come by for a visit.

Fair Winds,

Please consider how you can contribute.
We still need and will welcome many more volunteers. Come join the fun.