This year’s Gala theme is “Celebrating the Whiskey Plank” and we’d like to honor our donors at the plank level and higher with a plank painted in their honor.
Local artist Victoria Colella will be organizing a group of other artists to specially paint the donors name on a plank to be viewed at the Gala.
Honored Donors will be given a planking map so they can easily find their honorary plank at The Whiskey Plank event.
If you have given over $1000 to the Matthew Turner project, you will be honored with a specially painted plank. We invite you to come to our event and be recognized for your contribution and support.
Additionally, if you have not contributed a cumulative of $1000 or equivalent hours to the project and would like to be included, please contact Meghan Hartnett, Development Coordinator or visit out website to make a contribution today!
Don’t forget to buy tickets to the event before they’re all gone! June 18th!