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“Students are incredibly inspired to be back together again – to play, to follow, to work as a team and to be in this atmosphere of learning together again.” 

 Steve Kielar, Call of the Sea Director of Education

Your support will bring more boys and girls to the sea for these vital, diverse programs, serving students now, and as models for the future.

Call of the Sea’s Educational Initiatives

Girls Aloft, and other “Aloft” Empowerment Initiatives

Girls and young women ages 12 to 24 learn the art and skill of handling, working and navigating a ship.  This exciting on the water experience includes sailing and seamanship skills, the science and physics of sailing and the challenges of being part of a crew. The program is being expanded to include all genders and ages.

“Thank you SO MUCH for offering this event. My daughter was absolutely euphoric about the things she had done…climbing 70 feet up the mast was a highlight, and she immediately asked if she could go again.  This amazing experience in nature was just what my daughter needed.”

Cost per Student: $125,  Cost per Class of 10: $1,250,  Cost per 4 week Session: $5,000

After School Learning Hubs

In cooperation with the local community service district and Paul Austin, founder Play Marin, a non-profit youth organization, we are providing an after school program for kids to take advantage of the unique marine environmental programs offered by Call of the Sea.

This exciting six-week course focuses on team building and learning as youngsters work as a trainee-crew aboard the Matthew Turner.

Students whose families and lives have been deeply impacted by the pandemic, and who have not traditionally been able to access the Bay, use math, engineering and science to better understand themselves and their connection to the sea.

Cost per Student: $50,  Cost per Class: $750,  Cost per Session: $2,250

Full Day Experiential Education Sessions

Former Seaward Captain David McGregor brought his 4th graders to help at the shipyard as the Matthew Turner was being built.  Today,  students are part of a six-week program that provides hands-on seamanship and industrial arts training.

These young people, ages 11 to 13, work together to build boats and enjoy adventures that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Cost per Student: $125/day

Cost per Class of 12: $1,500/day

Cost of Program per Week: $7,500