Aloft: To look aloft from the deck is amazing! Seeing the forest of masts, yards, and booms with the web of standing rigging tuned and ready to receive sails. Next, weaving the five miles of rope through 100+ blocks and pulleys to set, trim and take in 7200 square feet of sail. Our rigging crew of professionals and volunteers has their work cut out for them!
On Deck from Stem to Stern!
At the Stem: Two 6-3/4 inch by 4 foot holes are drilled through Matthew Turner’s gorgeous deck and out the planking which will be filled by two 6-1/2 inch anchor chain pipes that can haul in and house the anchors. These pipes are making way for an anchor windlass that will drop and lift two 300 foot chains with anchors that are estimated to weigh over 500 pounds. Oh my!
Stern: Davits are being installed to haul and store our shore boat. A bronze boom crutch is being mounted for the main boom. We’re also building a helm station around the steering wheel that includes a railing and a step platform for visibility and safety for operation. The steering wheel and platform and sure to a be a memorable experience for the thousands of youth who will once day learn how to “steer the ship” full speed ahead!
Mid Deck: Beautiful varnished hatches and skylights are being constructed and installed from a team of mostly volunteers. The fine craftsmanship is a sight to be seen. Please check out the woodworking when you visit the ship next. You won’t be disappointed.
Below Deck: The Matthew Turner team is busy at work: carpenters are building out the interior; plumbers are hooking up the heads, showers and galley; and our mechanics and electricians are connecting the complex hybrid propulsion system and ship’s electrical.
Fair Winds,
Alan Olson
Generous capital funding provided in part by the Mary A. Crocker Trust
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Foremast with flag
Foremast with flag
Main boom with crutch
Main boom with crutch
Volunteers and works on deck
Volunteers and workers on deck