Alan Olson’s Update:

Our state-of-the-art propulsion system is installed!

The system works as such: Two electric propulsion motors produce 265 horsepower each; two large six-cylinder Cummins generators create 265 KW each; two lithium battery banks, located in steel cabinets, have a holding capacity of 45 KWH. All energy created by generators or by regeneration under sail goes into the batteries for storage. Those batteries supply power for the ship’s propulsion system and power all the vessel’s electrical needs. Port and starboard propulsion systems operate independently so each side alone can operate and power the ship if necessary. Our technicians are now integrating all elements of the system which will be ready for fine tuning and on-the-water testing after the haul out (in progress).
Matthew Turner was hauled at 11:30PM on Friday, May 17th at high tide on the railways located at Bayside Boatworks in Sausalito. Our team has been inspecting the hull, re-caulking where needed, adding two thru hull fittings and painting the bottom and topsides. We will be applying donated Propspeed coating to our propellers to maximize propulsion and regenerative efficiency.  On Wednesday, May 22nd the U.S. Coast Guard inspected the hull and found all was well except for three isolated areas of worm damage that were easily repaired with a minor amount of re-caulking. We anticipate the ship to be back at the Bay Model Pier on Tuesday, June 4th where construction will continue on the interior carpentry, plumbing systems and electrical systems. On Monday, June 17th BAE (the ship’s eco-propulsion manufacturer) will return to start sea trials and adjust all elements of the propulsion/regeneration system. Stability testing will then be carried out on Tuesday, July 16th at the pier using 1000lbs crane weights!

We are on schedule to be sailing this summer! 

Soon we will be learning the ropes and practice sailing our beautiful new tall ship Matthew Turner in preparation for our new education programs. In time, we will enter a new era, expanding Call of Sea’s mission with new partners and a new focus on ocean literacy experiences in service to youth and adults.

Welcome Steven Woodside, our new executive director!

We are happy to have him onboard. He has been with our organization as a board member since 2015.  He has much to offer in his leadership, with his background in non-profit community service, his career in law and his commitment to Call of the Sea’s mission and day to day operations.
Fair Winds,
Alan Olson
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MT first haulout

Matthew Turner’s First Haul Out
MT at Night Good

Matthew Turner Off the Dock
Bow Thruster in Action
Rigging Wide Angle at Adrians House

Chief Mate, Adrian McCullough, Designs the Ship’s Rigging