Construction of Matthew Turner has taken on a renewed focus and new level commitment. As a result, we plan to finish and be sailing by next summer. Our cutting-edge regenerative propulsion system along with ship’s electrical work is our major task for getting off the dock.  We are looking forward to installing the lithium ion batteries in November. Matthew Turner will be the first large sailing ship able to regenerate its energy needs under sail.  Fortunately, our team is growing with new and talented volunteers that will help make the difference in completing the ship. The windlass has been mounted and we will be shipping the anchors and chain on board in the first week of November. Interior carpentry has made progress with the majority of bunks in. Next, we will be laying out the galley and pantry cabinets along with other smaller interior carpentry projects. Rigging is getting closer to completion with standing rigging finished and tuned.  Much of the running rigging is complete with nine out of eleven sails bent on.
A big thanks to Terry Causey who has been our generous supporter from the start and has been committed to seeing Matthew Turner through to completion and carrying out her mission. While close to completing our fundraising goal, we are still in need of additional capital and are reaching out to new sources and the continued support from our existing community.  Please consider how you might help us finish the job and go sailing.
Thank you all for how far we have come!
Fair winds,
Alan Olson
Project Manager
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Call of the Sea
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Generous capital funding provided in part by the William H. Donner Foundation
Alan at the helm with youth visitors
Alan Olson at the helm with youth visitors

Sails behold
Kids learning onboard Matthew Turner

Youth learn aboard Matthew Turner