Progress continues on the construction efforts of Matthew Turner! Shipwright Richard O’Keefe’s team has been busy on deck adding the bulwark and cap rail and the planking teams are averaging and impressive 6 planks each week in preparation for our Whiskey Plank Celebration June 18th at 6 pm. The recent surge in production around the shipyard means that the ship is sure to look different than the last time you saw it, whenever that may have been. Please join us on June 18th to view the progress and celebrate the Whiskey Plank.
A Whiskey Plank is the last plank to be fitted to finish a ship’s hull. Although a ship is far from finished, the mounting of the whiskey plank marks a major milestone in the construction process. Many shipbuilders treat it as a cause for celebration. It is traditional for the shipwrights and shipyard workers to have a shot of whiskey to celebrate and we’d like to share this celebration with you!
Fair winds,
Alan Olson