Matthew Turner ship yard is humming with activity.
Planking continues with the end in sight on June 18th when the whisky plank (last plank) will be secured at our annual Gala event. Franz Baichl our head shipwright assures planking will be completed in time for the celebration.
Our shipping container kiln is now operating and full of drying plank stock. Thanks to Newcomb Barger and his team, seven of eleven spars are finished. A longer space has been created to build the large main and fore masts in front of the tent. This space will also be used to accommodate rigging the masts and spars being readied to set in place after the launch.
The graceful lines of the ship are being topped off with bulwarks and cap-rail, like planking, this is a form of sculpture. Richard O’Keeffe and crew are thinking more like artists than construction workers. Below decks the interior takes shape and bunks are being fitted, thanks to our Saturday team’s help.
The big news is finalizing the hybrid regenerative propulsion system with BAE Systems, Cummings Diesel, Derecktor Shipyard, and Clean Transportation and Environment. This is the ideal team who have worked together with proven technology, experience in design, installation and securing USCG approval for the completed system. And very importantly, they are committed and excited to be part of the Matthew Turner legacy.
More to come on this key element in the future. With the ship in high gear to launch and be ready for operations in 2017, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment are also in high gear. We need your help! Please consider how you can help launch the ship and raise our sails and carry out our mission to inspire young people to unleash their potential through experiential, environmental education under sail. Thank you all for your support!
Fair winds,
Alan Olson