Alan Olson on Building Tall Ships

An Interview by Mo Roddy for Latitude 38’s Good Jibes Podcast

Alan is the founder of Call of the Sea, and was the Project Director for building brigantine Matthew Turner, logging countless volunteer hours. He built his first boat at age 22, has over 60 years of maritime experience in construction and sailing, and won the 2018 Leadership Award from Tall Ships America.

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • What kind of horses did Alan’s family ride?
  • How did Alan get into sailing?
  • What brought him to California?
  • How big was Stone Witch?
  • What is a brigantine?
  • Why did Alan join a Buddhist monastery?
  • How many hours did it take to build Matthew Turner?
  • Short Tacks: What’s the best gift Alan’s ever received?
Listen to the Interview