80 years of History and Community

Written by, Issalina Sowry – Terra Linda His School MarinSel student and Call of the Sea intern

In the early 1940’s, Marin City became home to thousands of Black Americans who did important work building warships at Marinship, Sausalito’s waterfront shipyard during the peak of World War II.

The community celebrated Marin City’s 80 year anniversary from August to November of 2022.  The Marin City 80 project was launched by the Marin City Historical and Preservation Society and Felecia Gaston, executive director of Performing Stars of Marin, to celebrate and honor the history of Marin City and the important roles of Black Americans who paved the way. With extensive data and artifacts, the Marin City 80 project illustrates the track of those who migrated from the South to Marinship in hopes of finding work in the shipyards and freedom in the West. In Marin City 80’s three exhibits, historical artifacts were displayed at several locations and history spoke for itself in a theatrical production. We were able to learn about the hardships and long journey black Americans endured. Through these exhibits, the perseverance and determination of the individuals who came to Marin City shines through and shows how they laid the foundation for the hardworking community of Marin City today.

In October of 2022, Call of the Sea sponsored a sail to celebrate and honor the legacy of Marin City and its 80 year anniversary. Call of the Sea crew were honored to be joined on a sail by Felecia Gaston’s community. During the sail, the crew discussed boat building then and now,  mechanical engineering, and connected passengers to the place where the ships were built by Marin City residents from 1942-45  This program reminded participants of the history and hard work that should be celebrated and never forgotten.

Marin City residents tour Matthew Turner
Marin City resident with sailing crew
Marin City residents sailed on Seaward