Where do you come from, and were you involved with boats there?

I spent a 40+ year career as an emergency department nurse, helicopter flight nurse, emergency nurse practitioner, and educator. I retired in 2022 from the UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing where I was an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant programs.

I have also had a long-time interest in the specialty of wilderness medicine and have had the opportunity to teach wilderness medicine classes across the country, in Canada, and in Europe. This has allowed me to be able to teach Wilderness First Aid classes for the sailing crews at COTS. We have our next class coming up in March.

I have been fascinated with ships and the sea from a very early age.  I grew up in the east bay with a view of the ships coming and going through the Golden Gate. My Grandfather was a sailor in the late 19th century and I grew up on tales of his exploits. I have been sailing small boats since I was a kid and have been involved with tall ships for around 25 years. I spent several seasons volunteering on the Lady Washington and have worked as a volunteer on

the Hawaiian Chieftain when she was home-ported in Sausalito and on the Californian. I have also had a long-standing interest in marlinspike seamanship, the decorative arts of the sailor, and in making the tools they used.

How did you hear about Call of the Sea, educational tall ship Matthew Turner, and schooner Seaward?

I first heard about COTS when they announced the plans to build Matthew Turner. I was interested in participating in the build but could not arrange the time to be able to do so. I recall seeing Turner under sail on many occasions and thought about sailing on her. When I retired and had the time, I made contact and went through the volunteer training.

How long have you been volunteering here at COTS?

Since September 2022.

What is your favorite task to do here at COTS?

Top of the list is sailing, I love being on the water under sail. A close second is working on the rigging and sails.

Is there anything specific you have learned while volunteering here at COTS?

I have learned a lot about shipbuilding in the Bay Area and specifically about Matthew Turner and his legacy. I have also expanded my knowledge of traditional rigging and seamanship by working with a lot of talented people.