Call of the Sea has helped many children of all ages experience sailing for the first time on the schooner Seaward. Those of us who sail, we understand the freedom that sailing offers. It is no wonder why children love sailing so much. Michael Alexander Frerichs, at just 5 year old, was extremely excited at the progress being made during the building of Matthew Turner. Michael says,” I love the Matthew Turner ship because you can sail on it. You learn so much and young kids can play on the ship and have fun too and I like that.” Michael is adventurous, loves to play by the sea and dreams of learning to sail someday and to be a Captain. He reminds us, “Sharks, fish and octopus live in the water. If you throw garbage in the sea they will die.”
At the Whiskey Plank fundraiser in June of 2016, Michael donated a large portion of his money saved up for sailing lessons to help build the Matthew Turner. His name was prominently painted on the bow of the ship. Michael must be the youngest donor of the Educational Tall Ship project. He is very proud to be part of something that will bring so much enjoyment and adventure to other kids.