Our first few Voyage Seawards have been a great success!
We have been working closely with Camp Sea Lab, a nonprofit based out of Monterey, to run programming from San Francisco to Monterey. Our programs with them have been so successful, that this year they added a 4th sail with us! We are happy to be working so closely with them and have a growing partnership!

A typical day on board Voyage Seaward looks like this:
Day 2 SF – Drake’s Bay Morning 0800- 1200: Wakeups, Breakfast + clean up, Haul Back, Set Sail, Knots Lesson + snack, Plankton Lesson, plankton tow, identify species, etc. 1200: Lunch Afternoon 1315- 1700: Microplastics Lesson, Sailing ime/Seamanship activities, Snack/ Observations in sheet anchor time, Create a plankton challenge and Tupperware Tidepool/Aquarium Exploration Evening1700- 2200: Dinner + Cleanup, Go ashore for beach exploration, Camp Fire, S’mores & Sea shanties! Return to boat – Highs and Lows, tomorrow’s plans, Lights Out/Anchor Watch Adults can also enjoy Public Sails onboard Seaward, check out available dates and book your public sail today!
For Information, please contact 415-331-3214 info@callofthesea.org