Some time has passed since our big launch. Yet the excitement is still on people’s minds and in conversations, reliving various high points of the day. I do hope you were able to come see the launch. If not, then view some of the wonderful videos and articles of the event on our web site and FB page.

I want to thank everyone for your generous support. You are a vital part of the successful launch of Matthew Turner, and should be proud for what we have accomplished together. It was amazing how the launch brought us to a new level of realization on what we have done and what we can do when we set our course on something worthwhile. The launch has been shared with thousands of people who were at the launch and many thousands more who we reached through media.

Educational Tall Ship is moving from 2330 Marinship back to our old workshop at 60C Libertyship Way. Call of the Sea’s administration/operations has moved to 85 Liberty Ship Way, close to 60C. The Construction Tent will continue as our shop home base and be used primarily for rigging, finishing masts and spars: Fabricating fittings: splicing and preparing mast wires (shrouds & stays). Stop by and check it out. Scheduled tours on Matthew Turner will begin once the decks are finished late June. Please come by to visit.

Now we start new, exciting phases to complete Matthew Turner for sailing in late fall of 2017. Ship projects we are currently working on are:

  • Finishing the deck
  • Finishing the spars (stepping of masts in July)
  • Completing the propulsion, also ready for sea trials in October
  • Continuing with rigging to be ready for sea trials in November
  • Plumbing, Electrical, Interior joinery

We have met our milestones to date thanks to your efforts and I’m sure with your help we will meet this one as well. Let’s go sailing 2017!

Fair Winds,

Please consider how you can contribute.
Please help us raise the final $700,000 to complete Matthew Turner. The majority of the money raised thus far has come from individual donations, large and small. We still need and will welcome many more volunteers. Come join the fun.