I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful camp this summer. My son hadn’t been around kids in months, and although he would normally not take a camp without a friend, he jumped at the opportunity to get away from us for a bit. Everyone was warm and welcoming and he came home tired every night. Captain Jay and the sailors, as well as the kids in the group were all so great. We already have plans to do it again next year but this time bringing a pack of other kids with us ;)   Thank you for offering a moment of calm and adventure in an otherwise chaotic situation!

 Thank you everyone!!  Our boys thoroughly enjoyed the camp. Thanks for all you did to inspire and engage the kids. It was hands down the best camp they have done. The boats they came home with were beautiful too. Thank you so much for keeping camp going, and so conscientiously, with such a fun and engaging program.

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience. After being home for 4 months he really needed this! He is so happy to go to camp everyday and smiling when he comes home. You’ve created such a wonderful program :) 

The Call of the Sea Summer Camp has been not only the highlight of Sophie’s summer, this has been the bright spot of her transition of relocating to San Francisco and the Bay Area.  Sophie comes home every day full of stories about her kayaking, boat making and Angel Island experiences and is a much happier child since she’s been at camp and around her new friends and camp instructors.      

Sylvian says his first favorite activity is sailing, his second favorite “activity” is the rocking of the sailboat, and his third favorite “activity” is tacking! So I guess he likes the sailing part best!  :-)    

Arlo is really enjoying camp. He says it’s the best camp he’s ever been to!  He told me his favorite activities were swimming at Angel Island and just being on the sailboat sailing around :)   He also says the food is really good! I don’t think he actually dislikes any of the activities, he just thinks sailing and swimming were the most fun.      

Thank you for treating my son Pablo to three magical, memorable weeks.  Pablo is not one to warm up to camps easily. The staff were so nurturing, enthusiastic, fun, and generally held the space so well that Pablo slid right in from the get-go. Now that camp is over, he is begging to go back- even after three weeks of 7-hour days!  I wanted to thank the staff for “getting” my son, and for taking such an individualized, caring approach to each child, and for helping them skillfully navigate the various social dynamics.  Sailing all over the bay area on fun adventures, kayaking, building boats, playing games… what’s not to love! Still, one thing stands out for me: The staff were beyond thoughtful, always going the extra mile to make sure that the children were comfortable and happy. They really took into account that these are unusual times, and they gave 110 percent. as a result, Pablo, has gone from having feeling plenty of anxiety in his life, to feeling lighter and happier.  The fact that all snacks and lunches were included was such a treat for me as a parent. All I had to do in the morning was slap some sunscreen on Pablo and shoo him out the door.     I cannot recommend this camp highly enough. I am very grateful to everyone at Call of the Sea.  Thank you!