Our life is closed, our life begins,
The long, long anchorage we leave,
The ship is clear at last, she leaps!
She swiftly courses from the shore,
Joy, shipmate, joy.

     Walt Whitman, 1886

Believe it or not, despite the dense smoky air that surrounds the Bay Area, tall ships from around the world can be easily seen this weekend. Call of the Sea will be participating in the Ocean Institute’s virtual Maritime Festival, September 11-13. The festival features tours of tall ships, presentations about maritime history and ocean conservation, demonstrations, sea shanties, and other performances. It’s free!  Our contribution to the festival is a beautiful video featuring our brigantine Matthew Turner, and describing our educational programs. We hope you enjoy the film as you safely shelter from the dreadful air. Our vessels will surely leap someday on swift courses from shore, bringing joy, shipmates, joy.   Steven Woodside, Executive Director, Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea’s Festival Video
Virtual Maritime Festival