2024 Winter Maintenance Projects

The ship crew at Call of the Sea is focused on preparing our two iconic traditional vessels for educational service to the community in 2024.  The sailing season begins on March 15 for Seaward and April 1 for Matthew Turner.


The focus for Matthew Turner, our 132′ Brigantine, is to preserve and protect its complex sailing rig, including the servicing of the spars, blocks and running rigging. Our team of traditional-rig sailors will re-tension the rig and add leather to various stays to ensure their continuous safe operation experience.

The volunteers and deckhands will be restoring the finish on the large, historic wooden wheel, and the chart house tables.  Our volunteer carpenters are building a set of beautiful deck boxes that will increase our deck storage capacity for Matthew Turner. 

Matthew Turner’s unique Hybrid propulsion system will also gain a comprehensive review and maintenance cycle to ensure its successful operation in 2024. Of special focus for the engineering systems is the enhancement of ventilation to ensure adequate airflow for the system.


Seaward, our 82′ Schooner, is having its spars painted and standing rigging replaced at Svendson’ s Boat Yard this winter to ensure safe operation in the challenging sailing environment of San Francisco Bay.

New regulations require the replacement of Seaward’s diesel engine and during the winter we are reviewing options, getting estimates and making plans to replace that engine in late 2024-2025.

We look forward to the safe operation of both vessels in 2024.