“Let us all bring more light and compassion into the world.”             – Dacha Avelin

December surely is a month for thinking about light and compassion. Its days grow darker until the Solstice – after which we begin to see more light each winter day that follows. We hope for peace and good will.

Ancient mariners celebrated this time in various ways.

These were “Halcyon Days” according to the Greek myth where star-crossed lovers miraculously turn into kingfishers who can fly to safety before the sea dashes them upon the rocky shore. 

Hawaiians celebrated Makahiki for weeks around the Solstice when it was forbidden to launch war canoes against rivals. Vikings paused their coastal raids to celebrate the Yule. Egyptians rejoiced as floods subsided and their feluccas could safely navigate the Nile.

In modern times, December is packed with holidays and celebrations around our planet. World Aids Day, Int’l Day for the Abolition of Slavery, Int’l Day for People with Disabilities, Hanukkah, Int’l Human Rights Day, St Lucia Day, Christmas, Kwanzza, to name a few.

In our home port of Sausalito, we celebrated under the fireworks at the annual lighted boat parade. {pictured above or another photo?}

And this evening, the Winter Solstice, you may wish to look up and witness Jupiter dancing with with the waxing Moon. 

We hope your holidays are bright and wish you a very happy new year!

Steven Woodside

Board member (volunteer)

Call of the Sea